Here Are 45 Of The Most American People You’ve Ever Met. Murica!

Murica cover

America, land of the free, and some embarrassing a*& people.

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What This Elephant Does After Being Rescued Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

elephant cover

This just made my day.

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Check Out My New Favorite Animal. I Want Him As My Own Pet, And You Will Too.

wombat cover

This may be the cutest thing ever!

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Here Are The 21 Loneliest People Ever. These Photos Show They’re OK With That Though. LOL


One is the loneliest number, but these people make it not look so bad.

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This Little Boy Completely Loses It On His Mom. The Reason Why Is Painfully Hilarious.

this makes no sense

This poor kid is exasperated. LOL

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Girl Doesn’t Notice Bird Poop On Ice Cream Right Before Taking A Bite. I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little Bit.

bird poo

Cameraman also mentions nothing to the girl.

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This Guy Refused To Spend The Money On A New Boat. What He Did Instead Took 14 Years… But Look Inside.

boat cover

Now this guy knows what he's doing. Incredible!

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Here Are 12 Animals Too Strange To Be In A Zoo. I Can’t Believe #9 Really Exists.

insane animals cover

Some of these, only a mother could love.

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I Was Blown Away When I Found This City. When You Look Closer, You’ll See Why.

Wunderland Cover

Wait what!? Incredible!

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These 40 Photos Will Make You Do A Triple Take. They’re Mind Blowing Perfect.


These are purely amazing!

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