Bing Releases New Design With Facebook Leading the Way

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bing facebook integration
If you were going to fight the biggest and most intimidating bully out there, wouldn’t it be better to have the 2nd biggest and most intimidating bully on your side?

Latest Bing Redesign

That’s what has happened in Bing latest redesign.  Similar to what Google did in January when they introduced Search Plus Your World, Bing announced that they will start using Facebook’s data to personalize search results.

Microsoft’s Bing is a fraction of the age of what Google’s is, but has quickly rose to the 2nd most used search engine out there after passing up Yahoo a few months ago.

Bing Redesign Summary

So what does this new Bing/Facebook integration mean?  Bing will be analyzing Facebook’s data so that when you search for something on Bing, it will show images of your Facebook friends who have somehow listed they liked your search query.

So while Google has been collecting our data for a much longer time than Bing, the search engine has a major advantage in the fight with Google because they are teaming up with Facebook which is nearing 1 billion active users.

Watch the video below for more details.

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