Bing to use new Facebook Partnership for Jay-Z

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ENTERTAINMENT Bing is set to use their new Facebook/Bing partnership to promote rapper, Jay-Z‘s new book, ‘Decoded’, by intentionally planting actual pages of his book in random locations and posting ‘virtual pages’ on Bing Maps.  This will truly show the level of how powerful this partnership will be.

The rapper, who is also married to Beyonce will have all 300 pages somewhere in 15 cities around the world and fans can then find clues to identify the locations of these pages.  These pages will appear everywhere including traditional print as well as very odd random places such as clothing racks in fashion stores, pool tables, and more.

Bing’s Facebook page will also be giving out clues t participants.  Part of the deal is when participants find pages, they share them with their friends on Facebook.

The campaign, produced by Droga5, goes live today and will run for a duration of 4 weeks until his book goes on sale on November 16th.

What are your thoughts?  Is this creative advertising?

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