A Mexican Drug Lord’s House Got Raided. What They Found Is Beyond Words.

A Mexican drug lord’s house was busted and let us just say… everything you would assume about a drug lord’s house is totally true. This raid was a few years ago, but these pictures are straight out of a movie. Many of these pictures are pretty awesome, even though the arrest was not. I was shocked to see these pictures of what they found when this drug lord’s house got raided. I mean, I’ve always assumed these would be the things you would find in a drug lords house but seeing these images puts things into perspective. Someone pick my jaw up off the floor please.

02 - 357 Magnum semi-automatics with solid gold grips
A gun with a gold Virgin Mary on the handle.

03 - This guy had a better gun collection that most legitimate museums do

23 - More Gold machine guns and pistols - most were never fired just held for collection value
More gold guns… and lots of money.

22 - More Gold machine guns and pistols - most were never fired just held for collection value
A lot of what they found has been put in a museum.

04 - Just a quaint little villa in the hills - Drug money bought it all
The enormous house that was raided.

05 - Man-made cave and hot tub inside the home
A hot tub in a cave.

06 - A collection of exotic animals - which were cared for in the grandest fashion by the way
More exotic animals than most zoos.

07 - 8 Lions were on the property
A total of eight lions were found.

08 - A very rare Tiger
And a white tiger.

09 - The back yard pool

10 - Exotic art collection - some of which was illegal to own - some stolen
A lot of stolen art was found during the raid.

11 - More guns than you could ever imagine
Tons and tons of guns.

12 - This pile of cash before it was counted was estimated to be approximately 18 Billion Dollars
An unbelievable amount of cash. WOW.

13 - From another angle
More cash.

14 - Guns were hidden all over the house along with ample ammo just in case of trouble
And even more cash and guns.

15 - Stacks of cash were found in every nook and cranny
Cash was found everywhere.

16 - 3ChGF9e

16 - 3ChGF9e

17 - 18 plastic bins filled with 100 dollar bills were found

18 - Another cabinet stack tight with cash - all 100039s

20 - BrlkroZ
Did we mention they found some cash?

21 - There were even stacks of Chinese Yuan found in one closet

24 - WjVAJ1V
The government eventually burned down the entire house. It had to have been worth millions. 

This drug raid is right out of a movie. And then of course someone like me will post pictures about it. I’m astonished at what they found when this drug lord’s house got raided.  I’m a little upset that the government burnt down the house. From the looks of it that place is amazing and deserves a story all its own. If you could guess, how much money would you say is pictured here?

Source: Reddit

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