Facebook Announces App Center For Social Apps

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Facebook has announced what they are labeling the “The App Center” that will allow a mobile-friendly central location for social apps.  Very similar to the iTunes app store, apps can be easily searched for, viewed and sorted.

The App Centers will give developers more app opportunities with their app developments.  Facebook recommends that all developer should start preparing their apps to make sure their apps are included in the launch by following their guidelines.

facebook app center

In the next few weeks, Facebook users will be able to access the new Facebook App Center on their computer, iPhone and Android apps.

Facebook will also be using a rating system to determine if the app is high enough quality to be listed in the App Center including ratings, engagement and more.  With the new App Center, they will also be providing an “Insights” section to help developers understand their audience better so that they can improve their overall experience for the user.  The better rating and the better design apps will be prominently displayed.  Apps that have poor quality and poor ratings will not get listed.

Developers should create their app detail pages right away.  Have you developed any Facebook apps?

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