Facebook Games Can Now Be Played in News Feed

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Facebook is launching the ability for users to try games directly in their news feed. Feed gaming gives game developers the ability to share a playable version of their game within news feed and timeline stories, allowing them to reach new users through some new channels. With this new feature, Facebook games can include a sample of their game in the stories people share that allows friends to play with just a click.

Most Facebook users do not want to give games permission to install and give their information. These previews give gamers a taste and could convince them to install since they will already be addicted.

Facebook Games Can Now Be Played in News Feed

Expect this to become a huge move in the strategy for Facebook games. Developers will need to shorten their game into a 30-second mini-experience. For some games that will be relatively easy, but for strategy type games it can propose a challenge. Game developers will also need to come up with tag lines like “beat (friends’ name)’s high score” to encourage Facebook users to play.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook Developers