Facebook Introduces New Featured Post Option

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Facebook is introducing a new tool called Promoted Posts, a paid offering for Facebook page admins to promote recent posts, extending their reach beyond the normal exposure they would receive. In other words, using Promoted Posts will increase the percentage of fans that your organic content reaches, although Facebook makes no indication of exactly how much more that percentage is by stating the following:

Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your Page than would normally see it. It will also be seen by a larger percentage of the friends of people who interact with your post.”

You can promote all types of posts, including status updates, photos, offers, videos, and questions. Using Promoted Posts, you will create what is called a sponsored story which will be delivered in a regular news feed. These promoted stories will run for up to 3 days after the post was originally created; therefore if you decide to promote a post 1 day after you originally published it, the promotion will only run for 2 days.

If you don’t have access to Promoted Posts yet and you have at least 400 fans. It seems like Facebook is rolling it out slowly.

How to Add a Promoted Post

When you chose to do a promoted post, simply click on the “promote” option at the bottom of your status update

Promoted Post

It will then give you the option to select your budget. In the budget screen it will allow you to see the estimated reach it will reach. The higher your budget, the higher the projected reach will be.
Promoted Posts
You will also be able to look at the Promoted Post’s insights via your page’s insights. It will include the amount of people it reached and the amount of money from budget that was actually spent.
What do you think of Facebook’s Featured Post option?
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