Facebook to Launch Trending Videos in News Feed

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Facebook will be launching a “trending videos’ section to Facebook users news feeds very soon, according to TheNextWeb.

This comes only a month after Facebook rolled out “trending articles” which shows articles/blog post that are trending and gaining popularity on the web.

Facebook to Launch Trending Videos in News Feed

The new “trending videos” that will start rolling out will be very similar to the concept of “trending articles” by showing what videos are popular with your friends on Facebook and not allowing it to get pushed to the bottom of your feed.

Many Facebook users expressed frustration when Facebook started rolling out trending articles in their news feeds, but users may find more interest in videos, more than articles.

This is good news for app-makers Viddy since it will start showing their videos at the top of news feeds.

What do you think of Facebook rolling out “Trending Videos” to show up at the top of your news feed?