Firefox Hopes to Eliminate Share Buttons with F1

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SOCIAL MEDIA Mozilla Messaging Group announced today the launch of a new browser extension called F1 for Firefox that would make it easier to share content around the social web.

The biggest problem with social web applications for webmasters and surfers alike has been the ½ dozen “share” buttons that have been cluttering up the page above and below each web page. These buttons are not only confusing but they are also visually distracting.

A lot of the companies entering the social web arena are trying to build some sort of a work around for this all too common design flaw and Mozilla has just offered its solution to the problem.

F1 works with an all in one frame located above the page you are viewing and once your FaceBook, Gmail and Twitter accounts are connected you need only click on the small F1 icon located on the tool bar to share the page across your social network.

Gmail, FaceBook and Twitter were chosen to be supported first because of both popularity and OAuth implementation.

In a perfect world if every user used F1 then web publishers would not need to add all of the “share” buttons and users would not need to connect all of their log in information and social accounts like Twitter and FaceBook to hundreds of websites all around the internet. The ability to “share” would be simpler to do, easier on the eyes and more secure.

“[Eventually], the system should know which sharing service you use, and offer to use those! That will require sharing services to advertise to the browser that they offer a sharing API and the browser to see which services you use,” stated Mozilla designer Bryan Clark on the company blog. He added, “Furthermore, sharing is not a standardized activity, so some protocol is likely needed for user agents to offer users the service they want without having to know about all of them.”

So far, out of all the all-in-one sharing browser extensions and toolbars we have seen come out for the social web, this offering from Mozilla is very well designed and we hope it will help lead to a cross browser standard so that all of these “sharing” buttons can disappear.

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