Google Releases Google+ App Update For Android

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Only a couple weeks after announcing their iPhone app update, a brand new version of Google+ for Android is here.  It offers a sleek look and overflows with additional features. Most notably, Android users can now start a hangout on the go and edit their posts online.

When users launch the app, they’ll be brought to their stream instead of a menu of options. To navigate, simply touch the stream icon (the “house”) in the top right corner. That brings up a menu that slides in from the side.

Google+ Update
According to Vic Gundotra, Google‘s Senior Vice President:

Start a hangout from anywhere, and ring the folks that matter most
With Hangouts we want to help people connect face-to-face-to-face—at any time, from anywhere. Of course, there’s really only one device that’s always by your side—your phone—so we’ve invested in mobile hangouts since early on. Today we’re adding another important feature to the mix: the ability to start a hangout directly from your mobile device.To get started, tap “Hangout” in the (new) navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start.” We’ll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap.

Share your favorites, and feel awesome afterward
When you share with your circles, we owe you an experience that’s both intimate and immersive. Your time and your relationships are precious, after all, so your posts should make you feel proud. Today’s new Android app takes this to heart, with full-screen media in the stream, conversations that fade into view and instantly-touchable actions like +1.


What do you think about the new Google+ update for the Android?


*Photo courtesy from the official blog of Google*

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