Google Gets in the Holiday Spirit

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Google Gets in the Holiday SpiritTECHNOLOGY Google wants to be the go-to destination for holiday shopping this year and is improving its product search efforts with new apps available for mobile downloads.

Research data indicates that approximately forty-six percent of in-store purchases are influenced by on-line research. The off-line purchase market as a result of mobile on-line research has become a $917 billion industry.

Earlier this year Google launched its Blue Dot Specials feature on mobile search, which has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. Google has partnered with over seventy retail brands to offer more data on product availability in retail stores. Retailers like Best Buy, William-Sonoma, and software manufacturers JDA, Epicor, and Oracle will have the ability to respond to search criteria and notify app users, via the nearby stores link, if the product is available in their stores.

Improvements to the new mobile shopping app will include the existing filters, local availability, voice search, and bar code scanning. Newly upgraded features include prices, and brands available.

Popular Products and Aisles have been added as new discovery tools for on-line shopping searches. Popular Products will show the most viewed merchandise in the search category. The Aisles app puts products into sub-categories. For example: Popular Products search for coffee makers will display the most viewed brands. The Aisles app will then divide the categories into drip coffee makers, espresso machines, and electric coffee pots to give the app user a clearer idea of what products are available.

With improved Product Search revamped for a better shopping experience; Google is also expected to debut a new fashion and shopping site call Boutique. More information is expected at a later date.

As e-commerce business continues to rise, Blue Dot Specials have proven their worth to the mobile on-line shopper. Google expects the new Product Search, Popular Products, and Aisles apps to successfully expand the local brick and mortar sales to improve the shopping experience for holiday gift buyers. This should save time, money, and frustration, by cutting down or eliminating the store to store search for a particular item.