Google+ Local Adds Social Recommendations From Zagat Reviews

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Google+ Local Adds Social Recommendations From Zagat ReviewsGoogle added an exciting new element to its local search today, the launch of Google+ Local. The new feature is similar to Google’s Places pages, which show information and reviews for more than 80 million places worldwide.¬† The new service also incorporates information from Zagat, which Google bought last year. The company introduced a new design¬† of those pages in mobile search just yesterday, and it’s now adding that search into Google+. . Local is now a tab in the left sidebar of Google Plus, though you’ll also be able to get to it by clicking on a place listing in Maps or simply through search.

The rating system has been redesigned, too: five-star reviews are being replaced by multi-category scores that Zagat created. This is the first integration since Google bought Zagat last September. Google+ Local is being launched now, you will soon.