There Is Something Hidden In All Of These Photos. When You Find It, You Won’t Believe It.

Chinese artist Liu Bolin has been disappearing for years now. Using his own body as a canvas, painting himself into the background, Bolin creates scenes that are statements about our relationship to our surroundings, and reflections on Chinese artists and their status in modern China. Beginning as performance art in 2005, his work includes series titled, “Hiding in the City” and “The Invisible Man.” Collected below are several of his performances from the past few years.

He is truly the master of disguise.

Liu Bolin is painted with the help of his colleagues to blend into rows of soft drinks in his artwork entitled, “Plasticizer,” on August 10, 2011.

Sometimes it can take up to 10 hours to get ready.

And some of his final work: Can you see him in every picture?

Olympic Stadium in Beijing.





In a forest.

This one took me a minute to find him.

This one took me the longest.



Hiding in a wall of cell phones.


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