iOS 4.2 Milestone Update From Apple Unifies iPad, iPhone And iPod Touch

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APPLE Apple has released an update for their iOS 4, which represents a major milestone for the product and the company. The iOS 4 was released five months ago to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 4. The Apple update watchers were excited when upgrade 4.1 released Apple’s latest version of Apple TV. Now the Apple 4.2 update has connected all Apple platforms iPhone, iTouch and iPad together, at last. Now all three of these platforms contain the same features. This marks a significant move to unify their products by Apple.

The iPad has previously been running on the iOS 3.2.2, noticeably lacking some valuable features of the iPhone. iPad stands to see the biggest improvements from the introduction of the 4.2 update. However, the iPad is not the only Apple platform, which will see benefits from the update. And the update also includes some new features, which will be available on all Apple devices, including the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. It will also work on all generations of every iTouch bar the first.

The 4.2 update will tweak the operating system of the iPad so that it gives a higher, smoother level of performance, more on par with it’s iPhone cousins.

The iPad will also receive third-party multitasking, drag-and-drop application organization, threaded email messages, fast-app switching, face/place photo tagging, and wireless application distribution. These additions are regarded by some as overdue and will be welcomed by iPad users. It might also encourage more people to buy this product now that its performance is up to scratch with other Apple products.

Although the iPad already had VPN protocols the 4.2 update will enable SSL VPN, an asset for business clients who want to securely connect to their office. Unified email will also improve business users’ experience. And there are internal management features that allow he iPads to be better secured.

Due to the iPad’s larger size there are some features of the 4.2 update that only pertain to it. The iPad will get a brightness slider in the multitasking bar. There is also the option to select photo size settings in Mail messages.

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