Less than half of all people now use Internet Explorer

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Less than half of all people now use Internet ExplorerMicrosoft‘s Internet Explorer has been the most used internet browser now for over 10 years, but according to Stat Counter, that may not be case anymore.  Stat Counter, which tracks internet data, said that Internet Explorer‘s usage fell under 50% last month.  Even though Internet Explorer still has the most usage than any other browser, this is the first time it’s been under half.

It wasn’t too long ago that Internet Explorer was over 90% usage, likely due to the face that it was the only browser installed with Windows, hence is why lawsuits piled onto Microsoft, ultimately forcing them to offer a variety of browsers loaded onto their operating system.

Because Firefox, Chrome, Safari and many others are steadily climbing, Internet Explorer has been steadily falling.  Microsoft is working hard in trying to keep up with its competition in regards to its browser.  The new Internet Explorer 9, will add support for the new web standard, HTML5, plus many other new features.