This Mom Found Out Her Kids Were Late For School. What She Did About It Is Brilliant.

When your a parent, grounding your children can be one of the hardest things to do. Even though sometimes it has to be done, it can still take it’s toll on the parent. When blogger Lynette found that her kids were late for school one day, she decided to ground them and use it towards her advantage.  To get ungrounded, the kids must earn 500 points.  Chores such as “load dishwater” and “cook dinner” can earn them anywhere from 10 to 100 points.

Below is an image of a chore/point list:





To get ungrounded you must earn 500 points

Write a nice letter to someone in the family = 10 points Write a nice letter to a neighbor = 10 points Help a sibling with homework = 20 points Prepare and Cook Dinner = 50 points 1 Load of Laundry (Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away) = 100 points Clean and organize a Kitchen Cupboard = 50 points per cupboard Empty Dishwasher = 25 points Load Dishwasher = 40 points Clean and Wash off Table = 25 points Clean and Wash off Counters = 25 points Wash Kitchen Chairs, Benches, and Stools = 25 points Clean out Microwave = 40 points Take out Kitchen Garbage (and re-bag) = 10 points Scrub Bathroom Sinks = 10 points per sink Take out Bathroom Trash = 10 points Clean Toilets = 50 points per toilet Water House plants = 10 points Clean and vacuum family room floor = 30 points Wash Family Room Base Boards = 35 points Dust Family Room = 25 points Wash windows in family room = 10 points per window Sweep and Mop Tile in family room = 15 points Pay a nice compliment to a family member = 5 points

Lynette says, “This worked out better than I could have ever imagined! My oldest son got right to work and earned his 500 points in one day. The other two are getting closer and working hard too! We had a nice dinner last night prepared by my son.”

Source: Crazy About Cakes

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