These 24 Historic Pictures Will Leave You Speechless. What Were They Thinking?!

Seriously, what were these people thinking?

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I Thought Pregnancy Was A Beautiful Thing. Until I Saw What These 50 People Did… What The?!
pregnant horse photo

And this is why I don't have kids.

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This Telemarketer Decided To Annoy This Guy. But What He Did Back Was Way More Annoying.

He definitely regrets his decision. Ouch!

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See This Little Island Off Of New York? You’ll Never Guess What’s On It… OMG.
island cover

Very few people know about this place right next to New York City.

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This Guy Found An Abandoned Jail. He Ever Expected To Find This Inside… And Neither Did I.
prison cover

This place gives me the chills!

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The Cheerleaders Are Wearing Jerseys From The Opposing Team. The Reason Why Made Me Bawl My Eyes Out

What would normally start a fight actually brought tears to everyones eyes.

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See This Night Stand? You’re Going To Freak When You Find Out What’s Inside Of It.

There is no way he did this to his leg!

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Here Are 25 Restaurants With The Best Names Ever. #16 Is So Clever.

Your kids will never eat at number 23. Good luck explaining that one.

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These 28 Parents Just Schooled Their Kids At Texting. I Cannot Stop Laughing At These.
text cover final

This is the last thing these kids wanted to hear from their parents.

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26 Dogs That Needs To Take Life A Bit More Seriously. Maybe Not, But It’s Hilarious.

Do these dogs take anything seriously?

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