Two weeks of charges for your smartphone, in your pocket

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Later this year retailer Brookstone will begin selling a portable fuel cell for your smartphone which will have the ability to charge it up to a dozen times before running out of juice.

Lillputain Systems announced that Brookstone will be the first retailer to carry its new USB power source. The device is about the size of s smartphone, and about the weight of a fluid filled cigarette lighter. Is that a reference anyone understands? You know when you’re carrying your full Zippo around? Uh, no not really. Why don’t they just say it’s the same weight as a tennis ball filled with sand? I’m a firm believer in pointless press release reference points. They always make my day.

These fuel cells inside the device are filled with a “liquid” that can hold a charge. Once the charge is depleted you’ll be able to recycle these liquid cartridges at a recycling center and order more online.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal of a device like this. This would be very handy for travelers, students, or outdoor types; really anyone who doesn’t have access to an outlet for extended periods of time.

There have been many companies that have tried this before only to have the fuel cells fail. Even though the appeal of charging my iPhone 4 S twelve times is appealing, I think I’ll wait until I know it isn’t going to explode in my pocket before picking one up.


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