[VIDEO] Kevin Rose Throws Raccoon Down Flight Of Stairs To Save Dog

Do you suppose that Digg¬†founder Kevin Rose is the kind of guy who would say, “I bet I can do this” or “I bet I can do that” to his friends?

His most recent feat of saving his dog, Toaster from a raccoon attack only proves his love for his pet. But if he was a betting man, would he have bet that he would pull an attacking raccoon off his dog? Then, finish the job by throwing the raccoon down a flight of stairs?

Nah, probably not a lot of takers on that one, but sometimes it’s the most unexpected and most dangerous things people do to save their pets that come into the limelight. I’m sure his dog is grateful Kevin showed up in the nick of time, but the raccoon? Not so much. He claims that he heard his dog Toaster crying and yelping around 1:00 in the morning. When he ran outside to see why, this is what happened:

Here’s another bet and this one has some pretty good odds. You can be fairly sure that the next time Kevin Rose hears The Baja Men belting out their version of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”, his own dog will be close to him, very close.