This Man Animates Joke That His Drunk Wife Tells Him… And It Is Hilarious. LOL.

Adam Patch was spending an evening with his wife and a bottle of wine. Well she ended up getting a little tipsy and decided to tell Adam a little joke. He knew it was time to record this beauty but was not expecting the joke to be as amazing as it was. After listening to the joke over and over after he had recorded it he knew that this joke deserved a little animation. He got right to work and came up with this. It is amazing and absolutely hilarious!

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Next time your significant other decided to drink a little too much and tell jokes be sure to get the camera rolling! Many people say the definition of love is compromise and understanding. After watching this I say the definition of love is making an animation for your wife’s drunk joke and blasting it all over the internet to give the world a laugh. Good job Adam, good job!


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