Subway Passenger Mesmerizes People With His Juggling Ability

Subway performers can sometimes be a little overbearing, or maybe just down right annoying. For this young man riding the subway in Moscow though, he blew people away with his quiet demeanor, and mind-blowing talent of “contact juggling”. What is contact juggling you may ask? It is a magician’s routine where the ball appears to be floating with either little, or no human contact. The ball must constantly be moving to ensure it doesn’t tip too far in any which direction. Watch the video below to see this magicians amazing talent!

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I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. I can’t imagine the time and patience it takes to perfect an illusion like this one. The balance he displays with his juggling ability is second to none. I think it’s safe to say he probably got some pretty decent tips from his impromptu performance. All of this while on a train thats moving.

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