Video Of A Ghost Roaming This Hospital Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Death is something that humans have an incredibly difficult time comprehending. We have grasped for answers our entire existence. We have created many systems to try to cope with the fact that we really don’t understand what happens to us after we die. Religion provides an answer to many people, and they could be right. Quite a few people are still unconvinced that religion contains the answers to one of the most important questions of human existence though. The afterlife is completely unchartered territory forĀ us. Many people have taken to believing that spirits walk among us after they die. The reasons why are too many to name, but experiences with supernatural forces have been documented for hundreds of years. The sheer number of them seems to give some credence to the notion that ghost and spirits are real. If you are one of the non-believers, you should definitely check out this video. Your feelings might change after you do.

What the hell was that thing!? Supposedly it was the ghost of a doctor who took her own life inside the hospital. It is said she now wonders the corridors and has been known to turn lights on and off throughout the hospital. Personally, I would attribute those to some wiring going bad. This video definitely shows something mysterious and very eery. The stories about this doctor could be true. It seems that humans will probably never know the secrets that are contained in the afterlife.

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