This Kayaker Experienced His Worst Nightmare When A Shark Flipped Him Right Out Of His Boat

Kayaking is something that I have wanted to try for a very long time. A friend of mine goes quite often because Utah offers so many excellent kayaking destinations. He is always telling me about how peaceful and serene of an experience it is. It seems like something I would thoroughly enjoy. Kayaking on the ocean would be incredibly different, but also just as amazing. Kayak fishing has become quite popular on the oceans in recent years. One man decided to try his hand at kayak fishing for the first time recently, and ended up living out a nightmare scenario for many people. He was shark fishing when all of a sudden the tables were turned!

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I bet that is the fastest he has ever swam in his life! He was lucky he had those other boats around him to swim to. Flipping over a kayak and climbing back on doesn’t seem like an easy task to do in the middle of the water. I have to give him credit, he got right back in the kayak and reeled the shark in. I wouldn’t want to step foot in a kayak for a quite some time after an experience like this.

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