He Swallowed A Dog Toy And Ended Up In The Emergency Room But I Can’t Stop Laughing. You’ll See Why

Kids can get into some sticky situations. You ask any parent, and I’m sure they have a plethora of stories that involve their children doing things are just plain unexplainable. Sometimes the situations are serious to where┬áit warrants a parental freak out. Other times though….they are just plain hilarious. Take these parents from the video below. When they realized their child had swallowed a foreign object, I’m sure they were incredibly terrified. After finding out he was ok and hearing what he sounded like though, I bet they couldn’t stop laughing. Check out the video below and see what had me almost falling out of my seat this morning!

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He swallowed a dog toy! How does that even happen!? Well luckily for him he didn’t seem to be in any pain or danger from choking. If this happened to my kid, I would take the attitude these parents did. They realize that kids are gonna be kids. You can’t protect them from everything, and when bad things do happen you should try to look on the brighter side of things. In the end, no one was hurt and the internet got a hilarious video out of the ordeal. So we have that at least.

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