This Sewage Truck Explodes In Traffic Making Sure Everyone Around Has The Worst Day Possible

Have you ever had one of those days where literally nothing seems to go right? I know I have, and they are absolutely miserable. You’re always thinking about what the next thing to go wrong is. ┬áThe world just keeps piling on until you literally can’t take anymore and you snap. Well I have to imagine that this is what was happening to the drivers around this sewage truck in this video. This guy’s dash cam caught something extremely gross at a traffic stop. I would be heading straight to the car wash after this!

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Wow, that is seriously disgusting. I wonder what caused the truck to explode. I really hope it wasn’t the fact that it was just over filled, because that would mean it was human error. Lucky for the guy who caught it on camera he was far enough back to where he didn’t get hit with any of the sewage. I would have freaked out if my car was covered in literal crap.

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