He Had No Idea A Shark Was Waiting For Him When He Jumped In. You Have To See How It Ends.

In this video, Terry Tufferson with a GoPro jumps off Manly Jump Rock near Collins Beach in Manly, Australia. He was expecting to capture some fun footage of an epic cliff jump but got much more than he bargained for. He jumps off the huge cliff and is immediately greeted by the last thing you would want to see in the ocean. A giant great white shark is waiting below the depths and he had no idea. Once he’s in the water he immediately sees the giant fish and panics a little. Take a look at the video below to see what happens when he encounters a large Great White Shark.

This video is insane. You won’t believe how it ends.

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I’m all about cliff jumping. Luckily for me, I live near the mountains where there are only lakes and rivers. Thankfully there are no Great White sharks swimming near me. Living on the coast of Australia is a different story. I guess you could consider this extreme cliff jumping seeing as how you may possibly land on a giant death machine swimming below. I like the ocean and all but more so the shallow beaches that I stand a chance on if a shark decided to say hello.

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