7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

My bucket list is already pretty long but there’s always room for more adventures, experiences, and amazing places to visit. The world is full of natural wonders, as well as man made marvels. These places are so powerful that it would be a shame to live your life without experiencing as many as you possibly can. That’s what life is about, experiencing everything the world has to offer. Here are a few of the most amazing places on Earth that everyone should visit in their lifetime.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die1. Herrenchiemsee New Palace – Lake Chiemsee, Germany – Herrenchiemsee is a complex of royal buildings located on an island. The New Palace was built between 1878 and 1885. The estimated cost of building this luxurious palace is equal to $250,100,000. The gardens are filled with fountains and statues.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die2. Popeye Village – Mellieha, Malta – This group of rustic and wooden buildings are located in the northwest corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta. It was originally built as a film set for the live-action movie of Popeye.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die3. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines – At this restaurant, you get to dine on bamboo tables within just a few inches of the waterfall.

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7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die4. Sidari – Corfu, Greece – This village is one of 285, but offers a wide variety of clubs, music bars and pubs, along with an amazing nightlife. There are a lot of little swimming spaces that can accommodate a large crowd along the coast.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die5. Bellinzona, Switzerland – This city is famous for its three castles, which are Castelgrande, Montebellowl, and Sasso Corbaro. The town is also settled at the foot of the Alps.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die6. Procida, Italy – This island is located between Capo Miseno and the island of Ischia. The economy of this island depends mostly on the marine industry, but the tourist industry is also growing.

7 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

7. Spiral Staircase – Taihang Mountains, China – This staircase is 300 feet high and was built in hopes of boosting tourism to the area. They do only allow people under the age 0f 60 to climb this staircase due to the height. But beware, you will experience very high winds and birds that fly by you at a high rate of speed.

Isn’t the world a beautiful place? There are so many beautiful places to visit on Earth before I die. I hope someday I am able to visit all of these amazing beauties. I know as soon as I do, there will be 10 more that I need to see. That’s alright with me though. I do like a challenge.

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